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Child-centered approach to therapy

I strongly believe that each child learns differently and; therefore, the structure of therapy sessions needs to focus on these individual differences, with knowledge of each child’s sensory profile, in order to maximize progress in therapy. Therapy within rich social interactions in which the child is initiating communication is essential to developing life-long social interaction skills. 

Family teaching

The appropriate treatment program in a child’s speech and language therapy is important to his or her success; but, the family is essential to success. I believe in including family members within therapy sessions as much as possible and provide recommendations for what can be done on a daily basis in the home. Any therapy the child receives will be more effective in improving and strengthening communication skills. 

A strong focus upon family and team communication

There needs to be good communication amongst all members of the team in order for the child to develop his or her language and communication skills to their fullest potential. I strongly believe in working with all members of the team, including the occupational therapists and ABA teams, in order to develop the most effective program for each child. 

Empowering each child to find their voice and gain confidence in their communication abilities

Building each child’s self-esteem during the course of therapy is important to me. As a child makes improvements in his language and communication, I work to integrate their skills into rich social interactions, allowing them to take the lead. This helps them initiate communication and social interactions and will help them in their peer relationships. It will allow their confidence and voice to shine through to the world!

Social interaction and communication with peers

Strong language and communication are essential to interacting with peers now and in the years to come. The earlier children begin working on improving their language skills, the earlier they can have rich relationships with their peers. Being a functional communicator and accepted within his or her peer group is essential to a child’s confidence in life.

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